The Garden Ballroom, incl. adapter (4.5V)



Enter the special and fantastic world of Lemax Christmas villages and make your home super special and magical during the Christmas period. Don’t miss the chance to buy in UK, Lemax The Garden Ballroom (75189).
You can choose from a lot of amazing and magical scenes to make your home look like a wonderland and delight everyone, including your family and your friends, super amazed and enthusiastic.
The Lemax Christmas villages are famous all over the world because they are very well made and have small and detailed parts. Each little house, shop and person is crafted with great care and made to look very realistic. When you put them in your Christmas decorations, it looks like a beautiful piece of art.
Come and see all the different places you can imagine in our Lemax Christmas villages. It’s like a fairy tale come to life! We continue to add new things, like new cases and decorations, so you can create your own special Christmas town.
The Lemax Christmas villages are ideal for people who love Christmas decorations and want to make their homes more festive. They are also a special gift you can give to friends and family to help them make their homes more magical during the Christmas season.
If you buy them now, you can enter a magical world of Christmas joy. Choose these special Lemax Christmas villages to make your Christmas one of a kind!


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