Zoon Noodly Christmouse Dog Toy



Every cute pup deserves to have the cutest of toys, and the Noodly Christmouse Dog Toy by Zoon is sure to make the bestest of friends for your furry pal!

This funny character will make for a fabulous addition to your pup’s toy cohort and is set to become their new favourite buddy, The noodly texture makes this partridge useful in improving a dogs sensory experience, and also allows for great play too. A squeaker inside ensures your furry friend will keep interested in and play with this toy for hours on end. Being a Mouse and donning a lovely red striped scarf, this toy is very fitting as a Christmas gift but its toned down feel means this partridge could also be gifted all year round too!


  • The perfect Christmas gift for discerning hounds!
  • Expertly designed squeaky Christmas dog toy
  • Manufactured to human-grade standards
  • Improve sensory play experience
  • Tested for safety


  • 22 x 12 x 11 cm


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