Zoon Toy Tidy Pooch



We know how hard it can be to keep both a clean home and a happy pet, but with the Toy Tidy by Zoon it suddenly becomes a lot easier!

This toy tidy provides you with a place to store the countless toys your pet loves in an organised and aesthetically pleasing way, as much as your pet might disapprove! While your furry friend is sure to love the decorating they do when it comes to placing their toys in every corner of your home, perhaps its time to show them they don’t have that interior design degree they act like they have!

This high quality canvas storage box is available in various designs such as this adorable grey pooch design, and is the ideal solution for any home-proud pet owner!


  • Toy tidy storage box
  • Canvas
  • Pet toy organisation
  • Grey pooch design


  • 35cm diameter


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